RT ElecTRonix is a boutique electronics company out of Nashville, Tennessee that specializes in premier analog effects for discerning guitarists. Founders Michael and Nate met in college at Belmont University, where they each earned Bachelors’ degrees in Audio Engineering Technology. Both musicians and engineers, they share a love of music, electronics, and sound that has culminated in the ultimate tone chase: RT ElecTRonix.

RT specializes in what they call High Definition Analog. In a business of variations, tweaks and mods, RT ElecTRonix does not clone, copy, or amend any existing designs (except when explicitly noted). Each product is made from scratch with an end in mind. By applying the principles of pro audio, RT delivers versatile pedals with unparalleled clarity, extended bandwidth, and exceptional dynamic response. This attention to detail results in practical, touch sensitive, transparent, and sonically stellar pedals unlike anything the world has ever seen. High Definition Analog is indeed a tonal revolution.

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