General Info

Q: Who is RT ElecTRonix?
A: See Here

Q: What does hand wired mean?
A: It means that every RT ElecTRonix pedal has been soldered by a real, live human being, infusing each pedal with love and care it is soldered, wired, and assembled in our shop in Nashville, TN. After which it is inspected electronically, sonically, and cosmetically before it is passed on to you.

Shipping/Ordering Info

Q: I want to order one of your pedals, what do I do?
A: Click the link for our store. Choose which pedal(s) you want and click add to cart. When you are done click checkout and check out safely and securely with Paypal.

Q: When will my pedal ship?
A: If it is in stock, between 2 and 7 business days. Receive within 14 business days.

Q: How much is shipping? What are my shipping options?
A: SHIPPING IS FREE to the Continental United States!! Please e-mail us at for international shipping quotes.

Q: What should I do if I haven’t received my pedal?
A: Please contact

Q: Do you accept returns?
A: Returns are accepted within 30 days of ship date. The customer will need to pay return shipping plus a 10% restocking fee. Contact if you need to return your pedal.

Q: Do you ship to Hawaii, Alaska, or Internationally?
A: For all orders outside the continental 48 states, send an e-mail to Please include your name, phone number, e-mail address, shipping address along with which pedal(s) you would like and one of our sales representatives will assist you.

Q: Why am I being charged sales tax?
A: As per state law, orders that ship to customers in the state of Tennessee must be charged the state sales tax rate of 9.25%.

Q: Do you offer artist discounts?
A: RT ElecTRonix is unable to offer any special discounts. We are a small company with high overhead, and we offer all users the best price we can.

Pedal Info

Q: How should I power my RT ElecTRonix pedal?
A: Power Requirements can be found on each pedals' product page as well as its manual.

Every pedal has a specific set of power requirements. These are voltage, pin polarity and a minimum current. For Example, the Ultimate Analog Delay requires a 12V DC Pin Positive power supply with at least 300 mA of current and can not be battery powered. The Amp Driver requires a 9V DC Pin Negative power supply with at least 20 mA of current and can be powered from a 9V battery.

We recommend the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Digital for 12V and 9V “High Current” operation and the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2+ for standard 9V operation as well as it’s two 9V 250 mA.

Q: My pedal sounds quiet compared to other pedals. I feel like I have to turn up the output control nearly all the way up in order to make the pedal work. Is this normal?
A: Yes. RT ElecTRonix pedals have specifically crafted gain structures in order to maximize sound quality. As such, pedals like the AmpDriver, Vari-Phuzz, and OTC work best when used at close to unity gain at your amp. Not overdriving the front end of your amplifier with level helps maintain your tone. The output control is provided to accomplish this. When using your pedal, turn the output control all the way up and pull it back until it is the same volume as the bypassed signal. Since our pedals are designed for use at unity gain, there is not as much “wasted” gain. This way your pedal doesn’t add gain only to have it turned down by the output control, adding nothing but noise to your signal.

Q: Are your pedals true-bypass?
A: All of our guitar pedals (Amp Driver, SmaRT Boost, OTC, and Vari-Phuzz) are wired with a true-bypass footswitch. If there should ever arrive a time when you don’t want your RT ElecTRonix pedal on, then your guitar signal will be hardwired through the pedal; no tone meddling.

Q: Do you offer any custom colors or artwork?
A: Unfortunately at this time, RT ElecTRonix is unable to offer custom enclosures.

Q: Why does my pedal click when I switch it on and off?
A: The downside of true-bypass switching is that your guitar signal is physically disconnected and then connected again every time the footswitch is pressed. This sometimes may result in a click or artifact when the pedal is switched in and out. You may also find that the pedal thumps when switched if power had recently been disconnected. This is normal, and should subside within 30 seconds or so after power has been reapplied.


Q: My pedal isn’t working, what should I do?
A: First and foremost, check the basic troubleshooting guide. Follow these steps to see if you can resolve the problem yourself, or more accurately determine the point of failure. If your pedal is still not working properly, contact and one of our techs will assist you in how to proceed.

Q: What warranty do your pedals carry?
A: Our pedals carry a 5 year limited warranty, applicable from the pedal purchase date. Proof of purchase will be required and warranty service will only be extended to the original owner. The 5 year warranty only covers manufacturing defects and applies only to the circuit card and original wiring. Footswitches and potentiometers are covered for 1 year. Knobs, feet, and battery clips are not covered. Warranty repairs will cover parts and labor. Owner will pay shipping to RT ElecTRonix and personal drop offs and pick-ups will not be accepted. Any damage caused by misuse, mishandling, or accidental damage will not be covered under warranty. Any user modifications or user-attempted service will void the warranty.

Q: I recently purchased a brand new pedal and it isn’t working or was damaged on arrival, what should I do?
A: Such terrible and unfortunate circumstances would be candidates for a warranty return. If a new pedal purchase should arrive damaged or not functional, or fails within 30 days, please contact In such a case we will have you send the pedal back to us, and you will be sent a brand new one, free of charge.

Q: I wish my pedal did X do you offer any options or modifications? Do you do service or mods on non-RT ElecTRonix gear?
A: In short, no. However, if you live in or visit the Nashville area, contact and if time allows, our staff will provide you with contact information for some excellent technicians in the Nashville area.

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