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You are cordially invited to the cleanest boost in history…

 It may look like a wedding invitation, but the Clean Boost is a high tech solution to the long running, basic quest for transparent volume. Utilizing famed 5532 operational amplifiers—traditionally found in pro audio and studio equipment—the Clean Boost delivers up to 28 dB of gain that is unadulterated, defined, and clear: in stereo! This allows you to place the Clean Boost after stereo time based effects, so your boost doesn’t overload your effects’ inputs and alter your wet/dry mixes.

 The “less is more” design approach has failed to achieve desired boost transparency (We tried). Thus, the Clean Boost is a complex, sophisticated circuit that operates with headroom beyond that of any other boost. It’s louder and you can’t hear a difference.


Boost: Sets the desired level of boost: up to 28 dB of gain.
Timbre: Provides compensation for timbre changes when pushing a tube amp and can brighten/soften lead tones.


True Stereo operation when using TRS to TS stereo breakout cables
True Bypass Switching
Half Power Mode: When adjusting two internal dip switched to the down position, The Clean Boost will operate at +14dB of gain, which allows finer tuning of the “Boost” knob.


9V DC Pin Negative / 100 mA

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