Quantity Available: 1
Build Time: 8 Weeks

Hear Your Amp, Not the Pedal

 Not your typical overdrive or distortion, the Amp Driver features an incredibly touch-sensitive circuit that breaks up and feels just like a cranked tube amp. How hard or soft you play actually controls the amount of distortion achieved. Play soft, and you’ll hear the natural, transparent sound of your amp; but dig in…and you’ll swear the thing was turned up to 11. From clean to scream and everything in-between. It’s not an overdrive pedal: it’s the Amp Driver!


Drive: Sets the maximum level of distortion
Output: Offers an output trim to adjust the overall volume
Bass: Low tone control that can add bottom without the flab or mud
Treble: High tone control to adjust top-end clarity


9V DC Pin Negative / 20 mA

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