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The world’s first 5 band Multiband Compressor…in a pedal!

 Traditionally rack mounted studio tools, multiband compressors have been mostly used in audio mastering and record production - until now. Essentially 5 compressors in one box, the Multiband Compressor separates your instrument into 5 audio bands that can be individually compressed and blended. Each band features a solo button (to listen to solely that band) and a 3 color LED that gives visual feedback on compression intensity.

 RT ElecTRonix is proud to bring one of the studios best-kept secrets to pedalboards everywhere with the world’s first Multiband Compressor pedals for guitar and bass. Unbridled flexibility and infinite tweakability make multiband compression the most powerful tone-shaping tool ever.


Bands: “Low”, “Low Mid”, “Mid”, “High Mid”, and “High” Bands.
Comp: Determines amount of compression.
Trim: Allows +/- 15dB of boost or cut on each band.
Solo: Allows you to isolate and listen to just the selected band(s).
GR: Indicates amount of gain reduction (compression).
Red=High Yellow=Moderate Green=Light

Push Switch: Intensifies compression for a fatter, punchier sound.
Solo Clear: Clears active solo switches and makes all bands audible.
Output: Adjust overall output gain.
True Bypass Footswitch


12V DC Pin Positive / 200 mA

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