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Meet the world’s most compact and affordable Multiband Compressor… We call him Jr.

 Traditionally rack mounted studio tools, multiband compressors have been mostly used in audio mastering and record production: until now. A simplified version of our flagship Multiband Compressor, the Multiband Compressor Jr. allows compression of 3 audio bands for guitar and bass. Compress Lows, Mids, and Highs individually then use each bands trim knob to sculpt your ideal tone.

 RT ElecTRonix is proud to bring one of the studios best-kept secrets to pedalboards everywhere with the worlds first Multiband Compressor pedals for guitar and bass. Unbridled flexibility and infinite tweakability make multiband compression the most powerful tone-shaping tool ever.


Bands: “Low”, “Mid” and “High” Bands.
Comp: Determines amount of compression.
Trim: Allows +/- 15dB of boost or cut on each band.
Shape: Offers three different tone shapes as a starting point for compression.
Push: Intensifies compression for a fatter, punchier sound.
Output: Adjust overall output gain.
True Bypass Footswitch


9V DC Pin Negative / 200 mA

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