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The RT Special is the product of months of trial and error; seeking the “next step” in high gain clarity, sonic excellence, and pedal design. It exceeded our every expectation…and if it sounds over the top…it is.

 The RT Special is a foot switchable, 3-channel, high gain distortion/overdrive. It features incredibly flexible tone controls inspired by the “D Amp’s” layout and an original singing sustain circuit. This sustain circuit can be dialed in as a blend to your sound or cranked to full tilt with the press of its momentary footswitch! For those waiting for a “high def” distortion pedal with versatility, the RT Special truly is THE one.


Gain: Sets the desired level of distortion.
Output: Offers an output trim to adjust the overall volume.
Sustain: Adjusts the level of a singing sustain circuit that mixes with your signal.
Bass: Low tone control that can add bottom without flab or mud.
Mid: Mids tone control to dial in the mids character.
Treble: High tone control to adjust the top-end clarity.
Deep Switch: Set to flat, cut or boost to shape the low end.
Mid Switch: Set to flat, cut or boost to shape the mids.
Bright Switch: Set to flat, cut or boost to shape the high end.
Mode Switch: Switches between Jazz, Rock, and Metal Modes.
Sustain Switch: Momentary Switch that turn the sustain circuit up to 11!


3 footswitchable channel voicings
Momentary Sustain footswitch for instant chaos
Versatile Tone Controls
True Bypass Switching


9V DC Pin Negative / 100 mA

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