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The ultimate pedalboard interface and buffering solution! Stereo friendly!

 The Ultimate Buffering System (UBS) was made to negate the effect of cable capacitance on your tone while sounding as neutral as possible. It buffers your signal 4 times: Guitar Input, FX Send, FX Return(s), and Main Output(s). This places the entire pedalboard in a controlled ecosystem - governed by our bright/dark control. This control is an 8-position switch that gives you tonal control of their dry buffered sound. Buffer bypass, FX bypass (pedalboard bypass), and Direct to Amp switches give you the power to listen to every part of your signal chain individually and set your buffer sound accordingly.

 The UBS also includes a Volume insert (send/return) that is specially buffered to optimize passive volume pedals. This loop can be placed pre or post FX Insert. The Volume Insert can also be used as a patch point for additional effects or even a tuner output.


Bright/Dark Control: 8 positions switch allows you to dial in your buffer sound.
Direct to Amp Switch: Bypasses the entire UBS.
Buffer Bypass Switch: Bypasses Input, Output, Volume and FX buffers.
FX Bypass Switch: Disengages the FX Send/Return
Volume Post FX Switch: Allows users to position this buffered loop pre or post FX.


Full I/O Interfacing: Guitar Input, FX Send, FX Return (Stereo), Main Outputs (Stereo) and Volume Pedal Send/Return.
True Stereo Operation
True Bypass Switching


9V DC Pin Negative / 70 mA

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