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A “labor of love”, “no compromise”, “spare no expense” design: It requires over 1500 solder joints, more than 500 premium components and 15 hours to build; and its not cheap. We know and understand. It’s not for everyone, but for those of us waiting (self included), someone finally built the Ultimate Analog Delay.

 The Ultimate Analog Delay (UAD) features 2 independent, switchable, ((Stereo)) channels of bucket brigade delay, tap tempo, and delay times of up to a full second. It includes 6 different tempo divisions, a contour control, crystal clear analog dry path, expression control of delay time and mix, an 8 way adjustable arpeggiator, and Tempo Sync Modulation ™. A 100% analog signal path and 21st century feature set make the Ultimate Analog Delay truly live up to its name.


Delay: Manually sets the delay time.
Feedback: Determines number of repeats.
Contour: Adjust timbre of delay path.
Mix: Sets wet/dry mix.
Mode: Offers 6 different tempo multipliers: sixteenth, eighth, eighth triplet, dotted eight, quarter triplet, and quarter note.
Vibrato: Sets amount of modulation on delay path.
Rate: 8-position switch determines speed of Tempo Sync Modulation™. Also, doubles as arpeggiator mode select on Channel 2.
Channel Select: Switches between Ch 1 and Ch 2 settings.
Hold for Inf. Fbk: While holding the Tap Tempo switch, feedback becomes infinite on the delay path- creating a psychedelic freak-out effect.
Arpeggiator Switch: Sets Channel 2’s arpeggiator to On, Off or Hold (stacked with infinite feedback).
Stereo Mode Switch: Sets both channels to mono, both channels to stereo, or Ch1 to mono and Ch 2 to stereo.
100% Wet: Removes dry path from signal.
Alt Bypass: Offers a buffered bypass instead of true bypass operation allowing delay trails when disengaging.
Input -12dB: Allows for louder input sources and/or less distorted delay.


1 Full Second of Analog Delay: 8 3205 BBD’s!
Tap Tempo
Tempo Sync Modulation™: Allows delay modulation speed to be proportional to tapped tempo.
True Stereo Inputs and Outputs
Dry Outputs for use in 100% Wet operation
Delay Time and Mix Expression Ports
X-SYNC Compatible
True Bypass Switching
DC Thru Jack


12V DC Pin Positive / 300 mA

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