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6 classic and modern fuzz circuits fill channel 1 of the Ultimate Analog Fuzz. Channel 2 does it again. Fuzz on!

 The Ultimate Analog Fuzz has 6 modes of operation: Silicon, Germanium, TB (Bender), Octave, RT, and DEATH. These 6 circuits offer a highlighted history of fuzz from inception to present. Channel 1 and 2’s controls can be set up independently, allowing a user to set up and switch between 2 different fuzzes on the fly. Each channel includes Bass, Treble, and Shape controls in addition to a HP (high power) switch. A momentary footswitch allows players to cascade DEATH mode into the selected channel—allowing for uncontrollable, fuzzy feedback and mayhem!


Mode Switch: Switches between Si, Ge, TB, Oct, RT, and DEATH circuits.
Gain: Sets the desired level of distortion.
Output: Offers an output trim to adjust the overall volume.
Bass: Low tone control that can add bottom without flab or mud.
Treble: High tone control to adjust the top-end clarity.
Shape Switch: Set to flat, cut, or boost to shape the mids.
HP Switch: Increases input gain for High Power.
DEATH Footswitch: Momentary Switch that cascades death mode into your tone.


6 Different Fuzz Circuits
2 Switchable Channels with Independent Controls
Versatile Tone Controls
True Bypass Switching


9V DC Pin Negative / 150 mA

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