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A “labor of love”, “no compromise”, “spare no expense” design: It requires over 1500 solder joints, more than 500 premium components and 15 hours to build; and its not cheap. We know and understand. It’s not for everyone, but for those of us waiting (self included), someone finally built the Ultimate Analog Modulation.

 While many great things have been accomplished in the digital domain, audio modulation effects have never sounded better as binary 1’s and 0’s. For those who’ll accept no substitute for faithful bucket brigade devices, photocells and FETs, The Ultimate Analog Modulation is the real deal!

 The Ultimate Analog Modulation features 2 independent, switchable, ((Stereo)) channels, each with 7 different analog modulation effects: 2 chorus voicings, 2 flanger voicings, vibe, tremolo and phaser. It includes tap tempo, 8 different tempo multipliers, crystal clear analog dry path, expression control of modulation depth and speed, and 6 different waveforms per effect. The amount of potential in this box is immeasurable and it can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. If you’re looking for the final modulation solution: this is the Ultimate Analog Modulation.


Mode: Selects channel modulation type; vibe, chorus 1, chorus 2, tremolo, flanger 1, flanger 2, or phaser.
Depth: Sets intensity of modulation.
Speed: Manual speed control for modulation.
Feedback: Sets amount of feedback in flanger modes.
Waveform: Selects the effects waveform.
Mix: Sets wet/dry mix.
Tempo X: 8-position switch selects tap tempo multiplier. Ranges from x.06 to x8.
Stereo Mode Switches: Independent switches set Ch 1 and Ch 2 to either mono or stereo.
100% Wet: Removes dry path from signal.


100% Analog Modulation via 2 3207 BBDs, 8 handmade photocells, and 8 5952 FETs
2 Switchable Stereo Channels
Tap Tempo
6 different selectable Waveforms: sine, sawtooth, square, asymmetrical, triangle, and touch envelope.
★Waveform setting sets waveform to the modes “traditional” / ”preferred” setting.
True Stereo Inputs and Outputs
Dry Outputs for use in 100% Wet operation
Modulation Depth and Speed Expression Ports
X-SYNC Compatible
True Bypass Switching
Line/Inst. Switch
DC Thru Jack


12V DC Pin Positive / 300 mA

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