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5 Types of “Wah”, 3 independent channels, Tap Tempo, and an optional custom expression Rocker make the Ultimate Analog Wah the most versatile, practical, and real estate worthy wah ever!

 The Ultimate Analog Wah has 5 modes of operation: Classic Wah (W), Auto-Wah(A), Auto-Touch Wah (AT), Touch Wah (T), and Fixed Wah (F). Three channels with independent controls allow users to set up 3 different wahs to switch between. Any combination of wahs is acceptable!

 Q and Range are adjustable via 8 positions switches, Output controls set the level, and our “Etc.” knob controls “Attack”, “Speed”, and “Frequency” in their applicable modes. This information is printed on the back panel along with a decoder for Mode abbreviations.


Output: Offers and output trim to adjust the overall volume.
Range: Selects Range of wah travel.
Mode: Selects Mode of wah operation.
Q: Sets the Q or “sharpness” of the wah filter.
Etc.: Controls “Attack”, “Speed”, and “Frequency” in their applicable modes.
Tempo X: 3 position switch sets Tap Tempo multiplier. X.5, X1, or X2.


Tap Tempo
XSYNC Compatible
Optional Rocker Expression pedal allows traditional wah use and “toe-click” On/Off
Speed Expression Port
Back Panel Decoder keeps all practical information within arms length.


9V DC Pin Negative / 200mA

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